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DIY Shade Sail Fitting Guides

The following instructions will assist you in installing your Sail Shade structure. Should you have any further questions regarding Sail Shade installation, or you need someone to install it for you, please contact us.

DIY Shade Sail Installation

If you have an outdoor area that needs cover for protection against sun and rain, our range of high quality, expert designed shade sail structures are just the solution you need.

With designs suitable for both domestic and commercial uses, we offer the best shade sail structures in the world to ensure you have maximum UV protection and adequate shelter over your garden, swimming pool, drive or playground.

Our easy to use Pre-made shade sails and fixing kits provide you with all the fixtures and fittings you need to install your own protective shade. You won't believe how simple it can be to install your own shade sail when you have the expert instructions and equipment you need.

How to install your new shade sail structure (PDF)

While a galvanised steel posts are recommended, a large wooden redwood post is a common alternative. The size of the post depends largely on how many shade sails are to be attached to it, the size of the sail and how far from the ground the shade sail will be.

Shade Sail Structures - DIY Fitting Video

Below is a useful video on how to install your DIY shade sail structure

DIY Shade Sail Installation Video